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About us

Warhorse Workshop is a veteran owned and operated company that got its start in 2008.  We got our start in leather working and sewing, doing primarily armor and garb projects for the SCA  as well as a variety of personal projects such as cuffs, harnesses and other assorted things.

Since then we have expanded into other materials and a variety of products including vinyl decals, etched glassware, nylon harnesses and accessories, T-shirts, cast latex masks, silicone, and resin.

We have been selling at conventions since Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012 and have been to a variety of conventions nationwide.

Cons Attended [D]=Dealer [AA]=Artist Alley

  • Taiyoucon 2014[AA]
  • Anthro New England 2015 [D]
  • Further Confusion 2013 [D] 15 [D]
  • Furry Fiesta 2013 [D] 14 [D] 15 [D]
  • Con-Nichiwa 2014[AA] 15 [D]
  • Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013 [D] 15 [D]
  • Biggest Little Fur Con 2014 [AA] 15 [D]
  • FurTheMore 2013 [D]
  • Furry Connection North 2013 [AA]
  • Phoenix Comicon 2015 [D]
  • Califur 2014 [D] 15 [D]
  • Anthrocon 13[D], 14[D] 15 [D]
  • Indy Furcon 13[D]
  • Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012[D] 13[D], 14[D] 15[D]
  • Mephit Furmeet 12[D] 13[D]
  • Saboten 2014 [D] 15 [D]
  • Rainfurrest 2012[D] 13[D] 14[D] 15[D]
  • Arizona Furcon 2013[D] 15 [D]
  • Furfright 2012[AA] 13[D]
  • Kikori Con 2013 [D] 14[D] 15[D]
  • Midwest FurFest 12[AA] 13[D] 14[D] 15[D]